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Lead Poisoning From The Water

One of the most awful and dangerous water problems that can occur in a community is that the water supply becomes contaminated by lead. This can leave the water unsafe to drink and use for cooking, leaving many people without safe and affordable drinking water. Lead poisoning ...


A History of Flint’s Water Supply Contamination

Everyone who is affected by the lead-contaminated water issue in Flint, Michigan wants to know why it happened and what is being done to correct the problem. Below is a brief overview of the contaminated water problem and what is being done about it. How Did The ...


FAQs Regarding Lead Poisoning from the Water

Many people have questions about lead poison from water sources as a result of the recent troubles that the residents of Flint, Michigan have experienced. Below are a few frequently asked questions concerning lead poisoning from water. Q: What is lead poisoning, and why is it bad? ...


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